Jesus Christ

4. In order to accomplish His plan to save humanity, God humbled Himself so that He might become a man: Jesus Christ. He was born of Mary, a Jewish virgin, having been miraculously conceived by the Holy Spirit. This human body permitted God to participate in the life, the experiences, and even the death that confronts each of us. Jesus-Christ is true God and true man, our divine brother who, because of His humanity, can understand our needs.

5. In His humanity, the Lord Jesus Christ died for the totality of all the innumerable sins of humanity just as had been prophesied throughout the Old Testament. His sacrifice of infinite value was representative and substitutionary. He died for each and every one of your sins. All who trust in Him are justified (made right in God’s eyes) by the blood that He shed on the cross and so receive not only the forgiveness of their sins but also the new birth and eternal life.

6. The same body of our Savior that had been crucified was resurrected. The Savior later returned to heaven where He has remained until this day fulfilling on our behalf His ministries of High Priest and Defender. He is the only Mediator between God and man. God is offended by idols since they take His place as well as by religious statues and icons which are said to mediate between us and God.

7. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will personally come again to take up the last remaining believers before the Tribulation. This event is called “the blessed hope”. His return is imminent (it could happen at any moment).