3. The reason that God loves us to such an extent is because He created humanity (man and woman) in His own image, thus forming from the beginning the first married couple, each person having his own particular role within God’s order for creation. Jesus reaffirmed the importance and need of marriage for the good of humanity. Although the legitimate exception of celibacy exists, God created the human race male and female giving His approbation to sexual relations within the monogamous married couple. It is important for parents to instruct their children so that they might become good Christians and good citizens.

After the subtle deception that Satan used to deceive Eve, the couple ate the forbidden fruit. By his sin, Adam subjugated all of his descendants not only to physical death but also to spiritual death which is eternal separation from God. By one single act of disobedience, evil entered into the world. Every person is born with a sin nature which expresses itself in sinful thoughts, acts, abstentions and words. This is the cause of all our sufferings and misery. God must judge all immorality and sin. This is why in our sin we are already spiritually dead and in need of a new spiritual birth worked by God.